The Ten Commandments of Gender Equality

I.     Body Autonomy

Neither a man’s or woman’s body can be used against their will for any purpose.

Ex. Sperm cannot be forcibly taken from a man to produce a child.

Abortion must be legal, safe, and available.

Ex. No man or woman should be touched without their clear consent.

II.    Equality under the Law

Men and women should be treated equally under the law.

Ex. A man should not get more of a prison sentence than a woman for the same crime if they have equal past records, etc.

Ex. A woman should have the same property rights as a man.

III.   Service in the Armed Forces

Men and women, based on their abilities and circumstances, should both be subject to Selective Service.

Ex. Women and men should both register with the Selective Service. Both should be called to serve in any capacity for which they are capable.

IV.   Education

All types of education, primary, secondary, college and university and any programs therein should be available to both men and women.

Ex. Teachers and professors should not stereotype boys and girls regarding their potential future interests. All children and adults should be encouraged to pursue any field they desire.

V.    Childhood

Young children should be offered non-stereotypical toys and activities based upon their individual interests. Physical activity, especially outdoors and at recesses during school should be encouraged.

Ex. If a girl wants to play football, she should be encouraged to do so. If a boy wants a doll, he should be allowed one.

Ex. Schools should have sufficient physical activities to break up the time spent at a desk or a computer.

VI.   Maternity/Paternity Leave

Both men and women should be allowed a reasonable paid period of leave to take care of newborn children.

Ex. The United States is far behind on what other democracies allow, especially European ones.

VII.  Careers

Men and women should be able to pursue the careers of their choice and be appropriately compensated for them based on their individual abilities, skills, and work record. Employers should provide transparency in their pay schedules.

Ex. This not only applies to pay equity for the same job but applies to pay equity for comparable work.

VIII. Custody and Divorce

The courts should treat men and women equally in a divorce or custody battle based on the available facts, not on gender.

Ex. A woman should not automatically get full custody of their children just because she is a woman.

IX.   Job Safety

Efforts should be made with every job to assure safety to the employee.

Ex. Safety training for jobs that are more dangerous to an employee’s health and welfare should be mandatory.

X.    Religion

Religion should not be used in the public sphere to justify abrogation of any of these commandments.

Ex. U. S. Supreme Court case – Burwell v. Hobby Lobby. Court decided in a 5-4 decision that this corporation did not have to provide certain forms of birth control to their female employees because of their “religious” beliefs.

Karen L. Garst

The Faithless Feminist

September 22, 2018





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