I am an Atheist


By Karen Loethen

If you are here from Google, or if you are looking for information about atheism, or if you are an atheist, or if you are looking for information about people who are atheists. Welcome!

I am a full-on, no holds barred, non-agnostic atheist. The type that does not hold to anything supernatural. No devils, no destiny, no crystals, no chakras, no dream reading, no telepathy, no tongues, no candles, no singing, no spiritual warfare or end-of-times fears, no fasting, no prayer, no meant-to-be, no blessings, no ashes and mumbled words, no need for intersession of any kind. No spirits, no afterlives, no heavens or Valhallas, no auras, no foot massages or body work or palm reading, no meddling with the privates of babies, no universal life force, no feng shui, no alternative medicine, nothing unnatural.

No ESP, no tarot, no spiritual connections, no supernatural power of any kind, nothing paranormal, nothing metaphysical, no angels or demonic beings, no telling the future, no astrology, no secrets, hidden things, or esoteric knowledge, and no need to figure out why a “loving” deity would allow or create such pain and hatred in the world.

No divine power to appease. No higher power controlling things. No need for faith of unprovable things. No ritualized cannibalism. No religion-sanctioned misogyny or sexual rules. No supernatural beings interested in your body parts.

No special rituals. No special books. No special garments, chants, incantation, laying on of hands, no internal powers, no herbs or spices, no substances of any kind. No hidden beings. No secret handshakes. No secret words to utter. No faith. No special days of the year. No need to set aside natural wisdom and discoveries. No secrecy at all.

Just the wonder of what IS.

And I DO mean the wonder.

It is an act of sublimity to look at our earth, at our solar system, at our cosmos and see it through the eyes of AWE, rather than through eyes that call it a miracle, finger-snapped into place by a deity. Instead, the vastness, the magnificence, and the incomprehensibility of it washes over me like a total sacred experience. I feel connected to it. I am a part of it. I am star stuff. The wonder of that never ceases to move me.

Our family is very science-oriented, specifically astronomy. Our opportunities to see deep space objects, to follow the movement of planets in our solar system, comets, and other objects help to support the “all natural” paradigm. The beauty of the natural works is truly without peer.

With the oncoming winter, the sky is darker earlier. Take this opportunity to get outside under the night sky and see what you can.

Having rejected all religious dogma and all supernatural deities of all kinds, I can honestly say, the world makes sense! No need to rely on “faith” and accept “mysteries” that defy logic, ethics, and integrity. Just the beauty and indescribable infinity of what exists.

Karen Loethen

March 3, 2018

I am a very open Midwestern atheist, secular humanist, science lover, cohost of “The Secular Parents” on the SecularTv channel on Youtube and I’m a mum to two amazing humans (ages 20 and 17). We have been homeschooling them for over twelve years. Now I’m entering into my “empty nest” years as my kids are both now in college.

I enjoy reading and movies, astronomy, photography, travel, and being with the people I love.

I want to believe in the inherent goodness of people.
Sometimes that’s really hard.

Blog: https://taytayhser.blogspot.com/





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