The Faithless Feminist

A Dystopian Future – Sacrificed


By Karen Garst

The world of the internet continues to amaze me. I connected with a woman named Yuriria Harris who had seen my blog. She was born in Mexico City, brought up in an indigenous community, and became aware early on of the great injustices that poor people in her country suffered. At the age of 19, she left Mexico and set out for Europe. She wanted to be a dancer. She became a choreographer. When her son was born, she and her husband set out in a caravan with the goal of “living an independent life and writing to share our discoveries.”

This post is a review of one of her books: Silenced. If you liked The Handmaid’s Tale, you are going to love it. It is available on Amazon and qualifies for Kindle Unlimited if you subscribe to that service. When I first read The Handmaid’s Tale, I thought it was impossible that anything like what it describes could ever happen. Given the last year in the US, I am now not so sure.

Silenced – Book One – The Fraternity of Light

The time period is some time in the future. The Fraternity of Light is a group that has taken over the world. Latin America is the last continent where there are still pockets of resistance. But it too is in the processing of succumbing to the Fraternity of Light. It has not been a change for the good.

The material world has evolved to an extent that everyday life revolves around knowing passwords and pressing buttons on a screen. But all that is human and social has not even stagnated, it has retrogressed. It is a rolling back of progress, like an open wound of history, a bleeding injury infected with gangrene. It is pouring its pus through the streets, black like the plague, a terrifying moral disease. (p. 13)

In fact, similar to The Handmaid’s Tale, women have borne the brunt of the changes that have been made to society. Here are some of the highlights of what they must put up with.

Women must never order a man to do anything. (p. 53)

Religious instruction to women is the sole preserve of men. (p. 72)

Women in the Fraternity consider themselves inferior, both morally and intellectually. (p. 72)

Educate your women, dictates the Law of the Light. It is the same as saying: train your dogs. (p. 72)

All texts of the Light refer to women as property, the equivalent of cattle. (p. 72) 

…evil resides above all in women. (p. 224)

 These quotes do sound a tad familiar, don’t they? Women are considered chattel in the Old Testament of the Bible and of course are the cause of original sin according to early church leaders.

But do not fear, there is a women from the Resistance who has come to the aid of women worldwide. Tais, who is only 19, infiltrates the Fraternity of Light Leadership by becoming the ninth wife of the leader Cyrus. Isn’t it interesting that in any society that considers women to be property, the men are allowed to accumulate as many of them as they wish? She struggles to seek information so that she can get it smuggled back to the people of the Resistance all the while putting up with Cyrus.

Does she accomplish her task? Does she do it alone? Is there a place to escape to?

I cannot go further without spoiling it for you. It is well written and a quick read. Help support Yuriria’s work by ordering the book. A sequel is also now out so that you can get hooked on the series!

It is a good lesson in being attentive to what is happening in your own world. I could not end without giving everyone the advice to stay involved – in your community, in your country, and in the world. If reasonable voices do not speak up, they will not prevail.

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