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It was not a simple decision...

when I left behind my faith.

However, I could no longer ignore the historical and social truths that surrounded me.

For me, the Bible became a book written by men that reinforced a patriarchal view of society. I began to identify as an atheist.

I could have left it as a private decision shared only with friends and family. But I became troubled as I continued to see the reach of religion into women’s private lives. I reached out to other women who had left religion behind and asked them to write about their journeys.

Last October I published a book, Women Beyond Belief: Discovering Life without Religion. 22 amazing women tell their stories of leaving religion behind. It is now available in paperback, ebook and audio online and in many bookstores.

This website is intended to continue that discussion with posts not just by my authors and myself, but by others who want a forum to discuss current events on the intersection of women and religion or other topics relevant to “faithless feminists.”

If you are interested in contributing, please contact me here.

Karen Garst, The Faithless Feminist

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