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The Yuck Factor

The Yuck Factor — What Planned Parenthood Smears, Homophobia, and Middle School Jokes Have in Common Guest post by Valerie Tarico Medical procedures and research are yucky. Good healthcare means getting over it. If religious conservatives have their way, reproductive healthcare will be dictated by the same psychology that drives middle school jokes about genitals, dead […]

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Women Take Over Healing… Again

  I recently had a medical procedure at a gastroenterology clinic. Yes, that one. I survived, thank you. But what was heartening to me was that each of the medical personnel I saw was a woman: the nurse, the nurse anesthesiologist, and the doctor. A recent study done by the Association of American Medical Colleges […]

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Why Won’t the US Ratify UN Treaty on Women’s Equality?


July 17, 2015 marked the 35th anniversary of the signing of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) by former president Jimmy Carter. 189 countries have ratified this United Nations treaty, which is designed to bring equality to women around the world. The United States is just one […]

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